Stacey Dixon: NGA Should Deliver at ‘Speed of Mission Need’

Stacey Dixon: NGA Should Deliver at ‘Speed of Mission Need’
Stacey Dixon Deputy Director NGA

Stacey Dixon, deputy director of the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency (NGA) and 2021 Wash100 Award recipient, said NGA needs to come up with faster platforms and services as the U.S. edge in GEOINT is being challenged, SpaceNews reported Tuesday. 

“We’re asking for your help to help us reimagine the geoint enterprise,” Dixon said Tuesday at the virtual NGA Industry Strategy Summit 2021. “We need to be able to deliver at the speed of mission need.”

In 2020, NGA introduced an innovation strategy called “moonshot” to reflect the need for a concerted effort in order for the U.S. to win the GEOINT arms race. Dixon said this strategy could spur acquisitions and investments in the next few years.

“Moonshot for us is way more than a buzzword,” said Dixon. “It all started because of a need to focus on the reemergence of great power competition. We need to think big not only as an agency, but as this larger community, as an enterprise.”

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