NIST Seeks Comment on Draft Publication for Digital Twin Technology

NIST Seeks Comment on Draft Publication for Digital Twin Technology
Digital Twin Technology

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has released a draft publication focused on digital twin technology, a new research and standardization area for providing and viewing electronic representations of real-world entities. 

NIST said Friday it seeks comment on "Considerations for Digital Twin Technology and Emerging Standards," or Draft NISTIR 8356, and will receive responses until June 16th.

The report aims to help the public understand the concept of digital twins as well as its purpose by defining the said technology, describing its characteristics, features and functions and detailing its expected operational uses.

Novel and traditional cybersecurity challenges posed by digital twin architectures were discussed in the draft publication. Draft NISTIR 8356 was also created to tackle trust considerations and run them in the context of current guidance and documents from the agency.

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