Ylli Bajraktari: DOD Must Take Action to Accelerate AI Adoption

Ylli Bajraktari: DOD Must Take Action to Accelerate AI Adoption
Ylli Bajraktari Exec. Director NSCAI

Ylli Bajraktari, executive director of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence, said the Department of Defense must modernize its digital infrastructure to accommodate faster AI development across the military.

Bajraktari said this and three other AI-focused recommendations for the DOD in an opinion piece published Monday at Defense One. He also noted that DOD must bolster its workforce of technology builders, integrators and procurement officers across all levels.

“DoD must overhaul the management and education of service members by identifying those who excel in computational thinking, upskilling the existing workforce, familiarizing our warfighters with AI concepts and other disruptive and emerging tech,” he wrote in the piece.

Third, he said the department must include AI in major exercises to foster interaction between technologists and field operators. Lastly, he advised that the Pentagon must sustain persistent leadership and remove institutional barriers to speed up AI adoption.

Bajraktari, also a recent speaker for the Potomac Officers Club, formerly performed leadership duties under Robert Work, who was deputy secretary of defense.

To hear Bajraktari's recent opening keynote speech during Potomac Officers Club's 3rd Annual Artificial Intelligence Summit, register and view upcoming opportunities, by visiting Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page.

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