Fiscal Year 2022 President’s Budget to Provide $211.7B for Navy Pursuits

Fiscal Year 2022 President’s Budget to Provide $211.7B for Navy Pursuits
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The Department of the Navy would experience a 1.8 percent increase in budget for fiscal year 2022 if the corresponding President’s Budget submission goes according to plan.

The Navy Department said Friday it would use the budget to sustain a fleet of 296 ships within FY22, with a potential increase to $211.7 billion.

This investment would complement the thirty-one amphibious ships and 11 aircraft carriers that compose the core of corresponding naval groups.

The Navy expects to add four destroyers, five littoral combat ships, three nuclear attack submarines, one amphibious transport dock, one fleet oiler, one expeditionary staging base, one expeditionary fast transport and one towing, salvage and rescue ship. These 17 ships would replace 14 existing vessels scheduled for retirement.

The planned budget aligns with the tri-service maritime and interim national security strategies and combines multiple technology investments such as those put into hypersonic weapons, unmanned systems and Columbia-class submarine recapitalization.

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