Report: Space Force to Take Management Responsibility for Navy, Army Satcom Services

Report: Space Force to Take Management Responsibility for Navy, Army Satcom Services

A U.S. Space Force delta will assume the responsibility for operations of 11 narrowband communications satellites currently managed by the Navy and satcom payloads being operated by the Army, SpaceNews reported Wednesday.

Space Delta 8, headquartered at Schriever AF Base in Colorado, is scheduled to commence the transition process in October as USSF aims to establish an integrated satcom enterprise that would connect military users.

Col. Matthew Holston, commander of Space Delta 8, said the move is part of the branch’s roadmap for utilizing Department of Defense (DOD) and commercial space-based communications.

Holston added that his team is working with both the Navy and the Army to facilitate the possible voluntary transfer of satellite operators that will be affected by the changes.

The Navy manages the Mobile User Objective System, Fleet Satellite Communications System and Ultra High-Frequency Follow-on networks.

Delta 8 will also absorb from the Army’s 53rd Signal Battalion, which oversees Wideband Global Satcom and Defense Satellite Communications System payloads, and the branch’s directorate that operates four regional satcom support centers.

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