James Beutel: 5G May Help Air Force Unlock Modern Data Applications

James Beutel: 5G May Help Air Force Unlock Modern Data Applications
James Beutel Deputy CTO DAF

James Beutel, deputy chief technology officer of the Department of the Air Force, said 5G has the potential to serve as a gateway for a range of “futuristic” data-centric applications including artificial intelligence, Federal News Network reported Wednesday.

He said at the Verizon-sponsored Federal Insights discussion that 5G could allow for head-up displays, virtual reality and other applications with the potential to speed up data transmissions.

“You talk about how much of force multiplier that is when one person can see that much data at one time and be able to share it and talk to with leaders in real-time,” he said.

Beutel said 5G could also address the complex data processing needs of AI in support of critical decision-making. The deputy CTO said the Air Force expects to have 5G technology implemented across all bases.

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