Army: Pennsylvania Tech Hub Perfect Area for Speeding Up AI Acquisition

Army: Pennsylvania Tech Hub Perfect Area for Speeding Up AI Acquisition
Artificial Intelligence

The Army Artificial Intelligence Integration Center (AI2C) in Pittsburgh has identified the growing technology hub in Pennsylvania as the perfect location to work on its goal of expediting acquisition timelines for AI offerings.

The U.S. Army said Tuesday that AI2C connects military personnel with neighboring Pittsburgh-based innovators, tech start-ups and companies and research facilities that are focused on producing AI products at speed.

Some of the organizations the service cited are “unicorns” Argo AI and Duolingo, government-affiliated entities Software Engineering Institute and Rand, and Carnegie Mellon University, home of AI2C.

According to the Army, service leaders specifically picked the Pennsylvania city for its AI center to have an influence in ongoing automated technology developments taking place in the area.

The Army also chose the city to tap into the Pennsylvania knowledge base in support of the center's goal to integrate AI strategy, synchronize related development efforts and establish foundations for operationalized automation across the service. 

In line with its goal, AI2C plans to seek defense innovators' assistance and learn from academic research to help in testing multiple AI technologies on military tactical platforms in the future.

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