U.S. Government Releases 2021 Action Plan for Federal Data Strategy

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The U.S. federal government has issued a 2021 action plan outlining specific measures agencies should take in support of the Federal Data Strategy

The current plan seeks to strengthen the foundational activities of data governance, planning and infrastructure and integrates the lessons learned from the previous year’s action plan.

The 2021 action plan calls for agencies to collect and assess data identified for priority agency questions; mature data governance; data and infrastructure maturity; increase staff data literacy skills; publish agency open data plans, and improve data inventories.

Other actions outlined in the document are interagency wildland fire fuels data management; data skills workforce management; governmentwide dashboards and infrastructure and artificial intelligence and automation.

For AI and automation, milestones include making the algorithmic assessment tool publicly available for agency use and preparing an inventory of nonclassified AI use cases. These two milestones should be completed by Dec. 31st.