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CAPE Director Jamie Morin: Minuteman III ICBM Replacement Cost Could Exceed DoD’s $85B Estimate

Jamie Morin, director of cost assessment and program evaluation at the Defense Department, has described $85 billion as a low cost estimate for the replacement platform of Minuteman III intercontinental ballistic missiles in an interview with Breaking Defense posted Thursday. Sydney Freedberg writes Morin said CAPE provided both low and high estimates for the Ground-Based Strategic Deterrent program in …

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Jamie Morin Appointed Pentagon Cost Assessment Lead

Jamie Morin, the U.S. Air Force’s chief financial officer, has been nominated to lead the Defense Department office responsible for estimating how much weapons programs cost following the retirement of Christine Fox in June, Reuters reported Thursday. Andrea Shalal-Esa writes that if confirmed by the Senate, Morin would likely play a key …

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Dr. Jamie Morin Appointed Acting Air Force Undersecretary

In a statement after his appointment, Morin said that he will be digging in to critical issues such as the space program and energy efficiency issues. Morin also said he will look deeper into the Defense Department‘s management reform and the Air Force‘s budget. Principal deputy in the Office of …

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Chuck Hagel Officially Welcomes 4 Senior Pentagon Leaders

The Defense Department held a ceremony Monday to celebrate the addition of Michael McCord, Jessica Wright, Jamie Morin and Christine Wormuth to the agency’s senior leadership team, DoD News reported Monday. Jim Garamone writes that Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel welcomed McCord as comptroller, Wright as undersecretary for personnel and readiness, …

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Eric Fanning Confirmed as AF Under Secretary

Eric Fanning will be sworn in as under secretary of the U.S. Air Force later this month after the Senate voted to confirm his nomination Thursday. President Barack Obama nominated Fanning in August 2012 while he was serving as deputy under secretary and deputy chief management officer for the Department …

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