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U.S. Navy Successfully Completes Developmental Testing of ‘Q-20C Towed Minehunting Sonar

The U.S. Navy concluded developmental tests for a towed sonar designed to track mines underwater. The AN/AQS-20C sonar system detects and categorizes close-tethered, bottom, moored and volume moored mines through the use of electro-optic and acoustic sensory functions, Naval Sea Systems Command said Monday.

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Gen. David Goldfein: Air Force Wants Light-Attack Aircraft With Data Sharing Capability

Gen. David Goldfein, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, has said the service wants to field a light-attack aircraft with an information networking capability designed to help U.S. and allied forces counter insurgents, the Air Force Times reported Monday. “If I hear one thing from my international air chiefs, it’s ‘we need to figure out how to share information both ways,’” Goldfein told the publication.

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