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DHS Struggles with Information Sharing on Research Project, GAO Report Finds

The Department of Homeland Security Science and Technology Directorate is failing to properly collect, integrate and share information on research and development performance across the agency, according to a government report. The Government Accountability Office released a report on Thursday highlighting the challenges associated with coordination of research and development information that make it difficult for DHS to monitor progress of projects and understand the customer  experience.

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Trump Administration Seeks to Bolster Incentives for Top Federal Employees

Following the launch of a federal initiative to provide workers with new skills in information technology, cyber security and law enforcement, the Trump administration is rethinking its compensation and performance management to help in workforce modernization, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

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Nielsen: Government Needs Industry to Help Address Growing Cyber Threats

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said the federal government needs the private sector to detect and deter emerging cyber threats, The Hill reported Tuesday. During the agency’s recent Science and Technology Directorate’s Cybersecurity and Innovation Showcase, Nielsen highlighted that the rates of threats and risks are outpacing the government’s ability to identify, assess and address them. 

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Paul Nakasone: Defense Department Reports Faster Recruitment of Cyber Workforce Personnel System

Gen. Paul Nakasone, commander of U.S. Cyber Command and director of the National Security Agency, said the Pentagon is benefiting from a faster hiring process for cyber employees following the launch of a new personnel system, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

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Navy Looking to Retire Largest Combatants to Buy More Missiles

Defense officials said the U.S. Navy is considering a plan to cancel the proposed service-life extensions for its oldest cruisers, the largest combatants in its naval fleet, Defense News reported Monday. The service wants to save money to procure more missiles and address the growing threats from Chinese and Russian anti-ship missiles.

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