Jim Garrettson

5 Things You Should Know about the Debt Ceiling

The federal government’s debt has never been more of a hot-button issue than it is now. After threatened government shutdowns and continued wrangling over the deficit, the current political fight hinges on the debt ceiling, a provision of a nearly century-old law that allows Congress to set the allowable limit …

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DISA’s Solutions for DoD’s Cloud Conundrum

Despite all the talk of cloud computing in the federal sector and, more important, action on cloud computing, security questions have threatened to overwhelm the government’s “cloud-first” policy with question marks. While cloud has promised to “free” data, making it easier to use, share and collaborate, how feasible is cloud …

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NRO Marks 50 Years with Largest Spy Satellite Launch

The National Reconnaissance Office, the agency responsible for designing, building and operating the nation’s reconnaissance satellites celebrates its 50th birthday this year. And, in addition to its renewed sense of mission for the 21st century, the agency also has a milestone under its belt — the launch of the largest …

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