Angeline Leishman

VA Outlines 4 Objectives of AI Strategy; Gil Alterovitz Quoted

Gil Alterovitz

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has adopted a strategy to harness the potential of artificial intelligence technology to modernize the delivery of health care services and benefits to former military personnel. VA said Thursday that it looks to AI to manage veterans' health outcomes, expand technical capabilities, build trust in the emerging technology and grow partnerships with the business sector. 

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Navy’s Fleet Readiness Center Replaces Aging Machinery for Aircraft Tech Measurement

Precision Measurement

A U.S. Navy aviation depot in North Carolina has purchased equipment designed to help technical personnel obtain more detailed and accurate measurements of individual aircraft components. The Fleet Readiness Center East's Precision Measurement Center has a new optical comparator and laser tracking system that mechanical engineering technicians use to assess aircraft parts and support fixtures.

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Former FAA Official Ravi Chaudhary Nominated to Lead Air Force Installations Office

Ravi Chaudhary

Ravi Chaudhary, former director of advanced programs and innovation at the Federal Aviation Administration's (FAA) commercial space office, has been nominated to serve as assistant secretary for energy, installations and the environment at the Department of the Air Force, the White House announced Thursday.

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Air Force’s Tanker Refueling Mission Software Put to Test by NATO Centers; Lt. Col. Jonathan Clow Quoted

Aerial Refueling

Two NATO air operations centers tested an aerial refueling planning application developed by the U.S. Air Force's software factory during separate exercises in Italy and Spain in Sept. 2021. According to one NATO official, the JIGSAW software impressed the alliance that it was immediately implemented as the primary application for arranging tanker fuel missions, Kessel Run said Wednesday.

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DOE Announces $61M Funding to 10 Grid-Interactive Efficient Building Project

Jennifer Granholm

The Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded $61 million to 10 projects aimed at transforming housing communities and workplaces into grid-interactive efficient buildings to decrease carbon emissions and reduce energy costs. The pilot projects will deploy smart controls, sensors, analytics and other technologies that will enable residents and tenants of over 7,000 buildings to communicate with the electrical grid and control their power consumption. 

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Raj Iyer: Army Seeks Unified Cloud for Digital Transformation Push

Raj Iyer

Raj Iyer, chief information officer of the U.S. Army, wants the military service to invest in cloud-based infrastructure as part of its new strategy to modernize information technology assets. Iyer told reporters at an Association of the United States Army event that the branch's Digital Transformation Strategy will reflect goals to pursue innovation and partnerships with the business sector.

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Air Force Headquarters Completes Realignment to Merge All EMS Operations; Mary O’Brien Quoted

Mary O'Brien

The U.S. Air Force has finished consolidating its electromagnetic spectrum operation functions with the recent transfer of the Headquarters' EMS Superiority Directorate to the intelligence, surveillance, reconnaissance and cyber effects operations staff. The realignment enables service officials to streamline oversight, policy and guidance related to EMS operations to improve collaborative work across various domains. 

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Army: Pennsylvania Tech Hub Perfect Area for Speeding Up AI Acquisition

Artificial Intelligence

The Army Artificial Intelligence Integration Center (AI2C) in Pittsburgh has identified the growing technology hub in Pennsylvania as the perfect location to work on its goal of expediting acquisition timelines for AI offerings. The U.S. Army said Tuesday that AI2C connects military personnel with neighboring Pittsburgh-based innovators, tech start-ups and companies and research facilities that are focused on producing AI products at speed.

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David McKeown: DOD Eyes Industry Technologies to Support Defense Cybersecurity

David McKeown

David McKeown, the Department of Defense's chief information security officer (CISO) and deputy chief information officer (CIO), has looked on the industry for cybersecurity technologies to defend defense networks. He shared that his agency needs help from private-sector companies to bake in cybersecurity on tools and networks to replace its current practice of purchasing defense capabilities as an add-on feature. 

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Carlos Del Toro’s NavSec Strategic Guidance Focuses on Maintaining Naval Dominance

Carlos Del Toro

Carlos Del Toro, the secretary of the Department of the Navy, has released guidance detailing the planning, investments, budgeting and other efforts of his agency to maintain U.S. naval dominance. The One Navy-Marine Corps Team: Strategic Guidance outlines Del Toro's vision for building, training and equipping naval forces to ensure victory in future conflicts. 

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