Nichols Martin

DOD Releases Memorandum on Responsible AI; Kathleen Hicks Quoted

Kathleen Hicks

The Department of Defense (DOD) has released a memorandum designed to promote the responsible use of artificial intelligence across the DOD. The memorandum lays out a governance structure, oversight approaches, warfighter trust-building and other efforts to implement responsible AI use in the department. The DOD must adopt an AI approach that is responsible, equitable, traceable, reliable and governable. 

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AFRL Stands up Specialized Facilities for Airman Pressure Testing; Darrell Phillipson Quoted

Air Force Research

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has opened a new facility designed to train airmen for performance in altitudes with high pressure. Four computer-controlled altitude chambers compose AFRL's research altitude chamber facility, where airmen undergo physiology training for high-pressure scenarios, the laboratory said Friday.

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DOE, DHS to Jointly Address Climate Issues via Carbon Reduction; Kelly Speakes-Backman Quoted

Kelly Speakes-Backman

The Department of Energy (DOE) and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) have partnered to jointly mitigate climate-driven issues at DHS facilities. The partnership establishes a framework that would guide joint climate mitigation efforts between the two departments. DOE’s Federal Energy Management Program will offer training and technical assistance to reduce the carbon emissions of DHS operations.

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Fiscal Year 2022 President’s Budget to Provide $211.7B for Navy Pursuits

Performance Test

The Department of the Navy would experience a 1.8 percent increase in budget for fiscal year 2022 if the corresponding President’s Budget submission goes according to plan. The Navy Department said Friday that it would use the budget to sustain a fleet of 296 ships within FY22, with a potential increase to $211.7 billion.

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AFRL Nano-Bio Materials Consortium Announces Government-Industry Collaboration for Medical Tech

Air Force Research

Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) selected 12 academic and commercial entities to conduct cost-shared research and development on smart medical technology, with a total project value of $20.4 million. AFRL said Thursday that its Nano-Bio Materials Consortium issued the awards on Feb. 15, with the goal of developing medical technologies that benefit both the public and the military.

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Senate Confirms Christine Wormuth for Army Secretary Role

Christine Wormuth

Christine Wormuth, who formerly served as the undersecretary of defense for policy, has been confirmed by the Senate to become the secretary of the U.S. Army. Wormuth ultimately received confirmation on Thursday, after being unconfirmed in the middle of her hearing with the Senate on Wednesday. President Biden nominated Wormuth for the role of Army secretary.

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President Biden Eyes $6T Budget Proposal to Bolster U.S. Economy, Livelihood

White House

President Biden plans to present a $6 trillion investment in transportation, infrastructure, education, environmental efforts and other factors relevant to the U.S. economy. The investment would also include boosted spending in the areas of social welfare and national security. New York Times reported Biden's plan might require borrowed funds in addition to boosted tax revenue.

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DHS Taps 25 Small Businesses for 29 Homeland Security Research Projects; Kathryn Coulter Mitchell Quoted

DHS Science

The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology (DHS S&T) Directorate has selected 25 U.S. small businesses to develop homeland security technologies with $4.2 million of total funding. DHS said Wednesday it awarded a total of 29 contracts to the winners, under phase one of the department's Small Business Innovation Research program.

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AFRL Demonstrates Networked Weapon Operations With Small Diameter Bomb

F-16 with CSDB

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has met all three goals of a flight test that aimed to demonstrate networked, collaborative and autonomous weapons. Two F-16 aircraft deployed Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs (CSDB) on Tuesday at White Sands Missile Range, under the service branch's Golden Horde program, AFRL said Wednesday. 

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Rep. Darren Soto Presents Bill to Establish Blockchain Coordination Office

Rep. Darren Soto

Rep. Darren Soto, D-Fla., introduced a bill to establish an office to manage the federal government’s non-defense blockchain efforts. The Blockchain Technology Coordination Act of 2021 would create the National Blockchain Technology Coordination Office, which would operate from the Department of Commerce. The office would coordinate all blockchain-related efforts pursued by federal agencies, except those led by the military.

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