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NAVWAR Creates Scorecard to Assess Cybersecurity Effectiveness

The Naval Information Warfare Systems Command’s engineering division has completed the template for a ‘scorecard’ system, which can measure the levels of cybersecurity of various organizations, for data comparison and decision-making purposes.

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NIST Funds 11 Universities, Organizations to Conduct Research on Natural Disaster Impact on Structures

The National Institute of Standards and Technology has provided $6.6M in grant funds to 11 universities and organizations to conduct research that will provide greater insight into the effects of natural disasters on manmade structures in order to gain knowledge for improved building practices. 

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IRS to Post First Solicitation on Pilot IRS Procurement Vehicle

The Internal Revenue Service will soon post a solicitation on Pilot IRS, a procurement vehicle that will be an avenue for the IRS to access technology which will improve its processes, Nextgov reported Monday. Scheduled to be issued in August, the program’s first solicitation will be regarding the automation of contract-related financial updates.

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AFRL, Academia Investigate Heat-Resistant Polymides for Spacecraft Production

The Air Force Research Laboratory has collaborated with academic and corporate institutions to study polymides, a type of heat-resistant material used in the spacecraft and spacecraft component production, in order to enhance the defenses and operational capabilities of current and future space vessels.

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Gen. David Goldfein: Air Force Hypersonic Weapon Program to Reach IOC in 2020

General David Goldfein, Chief of Staff of the U.S. Air Force, discussed the hypersonic weapons program and sixth-generation combat aircraft in an interview Friday with National Defense Magazine. According to Gen. Goldfein, the Air Force is making progress on fielding an operational hypersonic weapon, a weapon that moves at five times the speed of sound, because of the “804 authorities,” an interim approach approved by the U.S. Congress which supports rapid prototyping and rapid fielding of technology within five years of approval. 

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DHS to Allocate $1.7B from Fiscal 2019 Funds to Preparedness Programs

The Department of Homeland Security has announced that a total of $1.7B in fiscal 2019 funds will be distributed to government agencies, private institutions and nonprofit organizations to support preparedness programs nationwide. From that amount, $2.1B will be divided between six DHS competitive preparedness grant programs, the DHS said Friday

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