Messaging Platform Helps FBI Catch Transnational Criminal Networks; Randy Grossman Quoted

Operation Trojan Shield

The FBI used a mobile communications platform and collaborated with foreign law enforcement agencies in a global sting operation that led to more than 800 arrests of crime network members across 16 countries. The bureau and its international partners covertly tracked suspected transnational criminal activity using the encrypted Anom messaging system as part of Operation Trojan Shield.

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GAO: DOD Needs Reporting Strategy to Improve Weapon Systems Oversight


The Government Accountability Office (GAO) has recommended that the Department of Defense (DOD) come up with a reporting strategy to enhance oversight of weapon systems developed using multiple pathways. GAO conducted its annual assessment of DOD’s weapon programs and found that the Pentagon’s new acquisition framework enables program managers to implement one or more of six acquisition pathways, including middle-tier acquisition and major capability acquisition pathways.

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Pentagon Demos Prototype 5G Network for Smart Warehouse Project; John Larson Quoted

DOD 5G Network

The Department of Defense (DOD) demonstrated a potential $90 million 5G network prototype for a smart warehouse that is set to be deployed at Marine Corps Logistics Base Albany in Georgia once completed. The prototype is designed to adhere to the department’s requirements for zero-trust architecture and is based on the next generation of Open Radio Network standards. 

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Air Force Materiel Command Establishes Digital Transformation Office


Air Force Materiel Command (AFMC) has created its own office that would help both the U.S. Space Force and U.S. Air Force pursue digital transformation. AFMC said Tuesday that its new Digital Transformation Office (DTO) will manage digital transformation across the USAF-USSF enterprise and establish a structure for digital governance.

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CISA Unveils Platform for Cyber Vulnerability Disclosure

Cybersecurity and

Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has released a platform through which agencies may report cyber vulnerability information that ethical hackers would use to identify and assess system flaws. CISA's new vulnerability disclosure platform supports a 2020 directive that asks agencies to report cybersecurity issues and verify applicable testing methods.

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Tim Persons: GAO to Modernize Analytical Operations via Cloud, AI Tech

Tim Persons

Tim Persons, chief scientist of the Government Accountability Office (GAO), said GAO is working to digitally transform its operations through cloud-based analytics and artificial intelligence. The agency has been working with the General Services Administration (GSA) to develop a refined cloud infrastructure over the past year, among other similar efforts.

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AFWERX Demos Kitty Hawk’s Electric Transportation Aircraft; Lt. Col. Martin Salinas Quoted

Heaviside Electric

The U.S. Air Force's AFWERX innovation program partnered with Kitty Hawk to test the Heaviside electric aircraft in an operational exercise last month. AFWERX's Agility Prime program and Kitty Hawk, a company focused on electric flight transportation, demonstrated the aircraft's remote flight and automated capabilities at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. 

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Navy, HII Launch First Flight III Arleigh Burke-Class Destroyer; Capt. Seth Miller Quoted

USS Jack H. Lucas

Huntington Ingalls Industries and the U.S. Navy have released the first Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer designated to assume the new Flight III configuration. The future USS Jack H. Lucas, also known as DDG 125, will feature the new AN/SPY-6(V)1 Air and Missile Defense Radar, power generation updates and augmented cooling capacity, the Navy said Monday.

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DOE Commences Effort to Reduce Clean Hydrogen Costs; Jennifer Granholm Quoted

Jennifer Granholm

The Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled an effort to accelerate the implementation of reliable clean energy by reducing clean hydrogen costs. DOE said Monday the first part of its Energy Earthshots initiative, titled Hydrogen Shot, aims to drive down clean hydrogen costs by 80 percent over a decade, from $5 per kilogram to $1 per kg.

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Air Force Works on Cloud-Based Aircraft Transit Planning System


The airspace mission planning division at Hanscom Air Force Base in Massachusetts is developing a cloud-based application to support the Department of Defense's Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) vision. USAF said Monday the tool will use a collaborative microservice-based platform, called the JMPS Open Mission System, and the Cloud One computing environment as part of a project to update the branch's Joint Mission Planning System.

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