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Pentagon Officials Assess Navy Carrier Drone’s Primary Mission

Pentagon officials are reviewing the Unmanned Carrier Launched Airborne Surveillance and Strike Air Vehicle project to determine the aircraft’s core mission, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday. “UCLASS is one of our new starts, so we want to make sure we get the requirements right,” Frank Kendall, defense undersecretary for acquisition, told …

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Tim Kaine: New Budget Deal Offers Certainty to U.S. Armed Forces

Sen. Tim Kaine has expressed hope the U.S. military could keep $20 billion of its budget if a new proposal from the House and Senate budget committees passes into law, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday. Sydney Freedberg Jr. writes Kaine, member of both the armed services and budget conference committees, told …

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House Panel Skeptical of JFCOM Closing, Pentagon Cuts

At a House Armed Services Committee hearing yesterday, not only did representatives come out swinging against the proposed closing of the Joint Forces Command — one of the topics up for discussion — but they also expressed doubts about cutting the Pentagon’s budget at all. “I think I speak for …

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