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Charlie Bolden Details NASA’s FY 2015 Space Mission Budget Priorities

NASA has released a fiscal year 2015 budget proposal Tuesday that seeks funding for manned deep-space exploration, observatory and private spacecraft development programs, reported Tuesday. Danielle Wiener-Bronner writes Charlie Bolden, NASA administrator, detailed the agency’s budget priorities for the coming fiscal year on Tuesday via teleconference. The website reports that …

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NASA Receives Thermal Control System for Webb Spacecraft

 A Utah State University-run laboratory has shipped a final set of thermal links and other composite structural assemblies for the James Webb Space Telescope to NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center. Space Dynamics Laboratory built the thermal fuses to manage heat transfers between infrared-based scientific instruments onboard the spacecraft, SDL said Monday. NASA …

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Congress Boosts NASA’s Funding for Deep Space Exploration

Through the House Appropriations Bill recently signed into law, Congress approved $178 billion for NASA, a $650 million cut from last year, and $924 million less that President Obama requested in February. Despite the overall cut, NASA did see some major increases, particularly in the areas of deep space exploration, as …

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