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DataRobot Announces AI for Health Incubator; Sally Embrey Quoted


DataRobot announced on Thursday its DataRobot’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) for Health Incubator, a new initiative that encourages entrepreneurs, companies, institutions, colleges and universities and non-profits to develop and deploy novel solutions for the health and healthcare market. The AI for Health Incubator will provide pro-bono access to the DataRobot platform and hands-on support from its customer success teams. Interested organizations can apply now through June 11.

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Yll Bajraktari of AI Commission Underscores Need for US Companies to Develop AI Tech Responsibly

Yll Bajraktari

Yll Bajraktari, executive director of the National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI), has urged U.S. technology companies to be responsible and to observe safety when developing and adopting artificial intelligence. "Bold action is needed to meet the promise of emerging and disruptive technology like AI. Doing more of the same will not meet the call," Bajraktari said.

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New NSF Program Studying Use of AI to Enable Early Disease Outbreak Detection; Katharina Dittmar Quoted

National Science

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has launched a program that seeks to use artificial intelligence-based technologies for early disease outbreak detection to help contain transmission and prevent pandemics like the ongoing one. NSF has hosted four workshops in support of the Predictive Intelligence for Pandemic Prevention initiative since Feb. 2021.

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Klas Government Releases Innovative VoyagerGPU; Chris Ericksen Quoted

Klas Government

Klas Government announced Wednesday the availability of VoyagerGPU, the market's first tactical GPU that unlocks artificial intelligence (AI)/machine learning(ML) and video processing/transcoding at the network edge. The embedded graphics-processing units (GPUs) are critical for military systems with heavy processing demands such as those required for AI and analyzing moving images in real-time.

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Deep Labs, Snowflake Form Partnership to Prevent Government Fraud; CEO Scott Edington Quoted

Deep Labs

Deep Labs announced on Wednesday a partnership with a data cloud company Snowflake. The partnership aims to assist federal agencies to prevent and mitigate fraud, waste, abuse and mismanagement. It will provide the public sector with a holistic means to modernize the detection of waste of taxpayer dollars.

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AI-Focused Veterans Affairs Organization Shares Best Practices With Other Agencies

Department of

The Department of Veterans Affairs' National Artificial Intelligence Institute is sharing its expertise with other agencies to develop a catalog of artificial intelligence use cases. The institute has shared input with the Veteran Engagement Board, the Data Governance Council and other federal agencies to create a reference for AI uses.

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National AI Initiative Office Launches Online Portal for Programs, Initiatives

Artificial Intelligence

The White House's National Artificial Intelligence Initiative Office has launched the AI.gov website to offer public information about federal initiatives and programs related to the emerging technology. Lynne Parker, deputy U.S. chief technology officer and director of NAIIO, wrote in an official post Wednesday the online resource is designed to help site visitors learn how they can pursue AI opportunities and what the government is doing to facilitate its adoption.

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Lisa Sanders: USSOCOM Eyes Potential Use Cases for AI at the Edge

Lisa Sanders

Lisa Sanders, director of Science and Technology for special operations forces, acquisition, technology and logistics at U.S. Special Operations Command (SOCOM), said contested environments where data and computing power are unavailable are pushing the military to reinvent artificial intelligence and come up with new insights into how people use AI. 

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FTC Recommends Best Practices to Protect Against Discriminatory AI; Elisa Jillson Quoted

Federal Trade Commission

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has cited laws and best practices that artificial intelligence developers and users should consider to promote fairness, truth and equity in the use of AI. FTC enforces the Fair Credit Reporting Act, section 5 of the FTC Act and Equal Credit Opportunity Act to help protect against the use of biased algorithms.

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