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Air Combat Command Concludes Design Certification Test of B61-12 Nuclear Bomb; Lt. Col. Daniel Jackson Quoted

F-35A with B61-12

Air Combat Command (ACC) and its maintenance partners have completed the final flight test exercise required to certify the B61-12 bomb's nuclear design. A pair of F-35A units dropped B61-12 joint test assemblies during the aircraft's first full weapon system demonstration. Pilots dropped the JTAs at Tonopah Test Range while observing operationally realistic flight envelopes.

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Air Combat Command Stands up New Spectrum Warfare Team; Maj. Gen. Case Cunningham Quoted

Spectrum Warfare

Air Combat Command (ACC) has activated a new unit that will focus on efforts to boost the U.S. military's advantage in the electromagnetic spectrum. ACC's new 350th Spectrum Warfare Wing (SWW) stood up last Friday to deliver technologies that bolster the U.S. forces' competitive edge in electronic warfare. 

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Air Force Conducts Information Warfare Exercises; Jeffrey Phillips Quoted

Col. Jeffrey Phillips

The U.S. Air Force has conducted its first information warfare-focused exercises to test the concept at a new range in the New Mexico desert. The Air Combat Command has performed ten proof of concept exercises intending to consolidate and operationalize all the capabilities to provide Air Force and joint commanders integrated information warfare packages.

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Air Combat Command to Update Force Generation Model; Gen. Mark Kelly Quoted

Gen. Mark Kelly

ACC said Thursday that its Campaign Plan working group will primarily focus on developing a two-year force generation cycle that will consist of four six-month readiness phases. Gen. Mark Kelly, commander of ACC, noted the plan falls under the U.S. Air Force's “Accelerate Change or Lose” strategy to better understand competitors.

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Gen. Mark Kelly on Next Generation Air Dominance Program

Gen. Mark Kelly

Gen. Mark Kelly, head of Air Combat Command (ACC), said he is confident about the capability of the Next Generation Air Dominance (NGAD) aircraft program but he is unsure whether the country has the focus to deploy NGAD in time to counter potential adversaries. Kelly described the NGAD program a “keen capability” and stressed the need of the country and joint force for leading-edge technology to ensure air superiority.

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USAF’s Brig. Gens. Steven Behmer, Jason Lindsey to Lead F-35 Integration, Presidential Airlift


Brig. Gens. Steven Behmer and Jason Lindsey will receive the assignment to become the U.S. Air Force's director of F-35 integration and program executive officer for presidential and executive airlift, respectively. Behmer, who currently leads Air Combat Command's 388th Fighter Wing at Hill Air Force Base, will transfer to USAF's headquarters in Washington, D.C., for his new role. 

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Air Force, Joint Leaders Discuss Command & Control Pursuits at Annual Summit

U.S. Air Force

The Department of the Air Force gathered leaders from both its service branches to standardize joint all-domain command and control processes at this year's annual C2 Summit. The event ran from Jan. 12 to 13th at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, with the participation of U.S. Air Force, U.S. Space Force and joint senior leaders.

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Nellis AFB Launches New Air Force Operational Test Event; Col. Ryan Messer Quoted

53rd Wing

The 53rd Wing has consolidated its series of large-scale tests into a new event called the “Black Flag” at Nellis Air Force Base in Nevada, the AirForceTimes reported on Monday. Black Flag is being designed to build capability for the Air Force and act as the equivalent to the service branch’s “Red Flag” training exercise testing. 

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USAF-Navy Team Tests Aircraft Weapons at Tyndall AFB; Lt. Cmdr. Thomas Kellner Quoted

F-22 Raptor

Aircraft squadrons from the U.S. Navy and U.S. Air Force took part in an exercise that assessed air-to-air and air-to-ground weapon systems. Weapon System Evaluation Program East 21.03 took place at Tyndall Air Force from Dec. 7 to 18 in support of Air Combat Command's evaluation needs. The exercise ran 87 sorties with 28 missiles fired across the 11-day event.

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