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John Kirby: DOD Global Posture Review Considers al-Qaida Threats in Africa

John Kirby

John Kirby, press secretary of the Pentagon, said the military will continue its counterterrorism efforts in Africa and other locations being pursued by al-Qaida, despite the end of U.S. operations in Afghanistan. Kirby said at a conference the Department of Defense continues to review if it has deployed the right amount of forces at specific areas across the globe.

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U.S., Saudi Arabia Agree to Establish Cooperation Against Terrorist Financing Networks

U.S. and Saudi Arabia have entered into an agreement to establish a multinational alliance that will identify and implement measures against terrorist financial networks. The Terrorist Financing Targeting Center will promote collaboration between U.S., Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries including Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar and the United Arab Emirates in efforts to counter terrorist networks, …

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Motherboard: NSA’s Iraq War Documents Detail Surveillance Expansion in Counterterrorism Efforts

Internal National Security Agency documents on the Iraq war have revealed that former NSA director Michael Hayden called for cooperation within the agency to support surveillance efforts as part of an “intelligence-driven” initiative against terrorism, Motherboard reported Tuesday. Jason Koebler writes a 2008 Freedom of Information Act request led to the publication of …

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Nicholas Rasmussen: Terror Landscape Veers From Central Leadership

Nicholas Rasmussen, director of the National Counterterrorism Center, outlined the center’s efforts to combat current terrorist threats around the world during testimony to the Senate Intelligence Committee Thursday. “[Our] attention is concentrated on the security crises in Iraq and Syria—and rightly so. But we continue to detect, disrupt, and defeat threats from …

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Marine Gen. John Allen Retires, Passes on Top NATO Post

Marine Corps Gen. John R. Allen, who was previously nominated as NATO’s next supreme allied commander for Europe, has retired from military service, according to the DoD. Gen. Allen cites health issues as the major reason for the move. The President issued a written statement stating his deep gratitude for Allen’s impressive …

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New Defense Secretary Leon Panetta Addresses DoD on His First Day

In a letter to the Department of Defense on his first day as the new defense secretary, former CIA Director Leon Panetta assured the president, U.S. troops and the department’s civilian employees that he would lead the DoD’s mission to protect U.S. citizens and the country’s interests around the world. …

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