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DOE Awards $58M for Scientific Discovery Approach Studies

Dept. of Energy

Two teams have received $57.5 million in funds from the Department of Energy (DoE) to create new scientific approaches that employ high-performance computing capabilities under the Scientific Discovery through Advanced Computing (SciDAC) program. The selected teams are composed of researchers from academia, national laboratories and industry.

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National Labs to Welcome Students for 2019 DOE Cyber Contest

The Department of Energy will host the fourth iteration of an annual contest that would allow cybersecurity college students to access national laboratories. The CyberForce Competition will take place Nov. 15 to 16 across 10 national laboratories within the country, Argonne National Laboratory said Friday.

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DOE Invests in Public-Private Tech Commercialization Efforts; Rick Perry Quoted

The Department of Energy provides $24 million to partially finance 77 government-industry partnerships aiming to commercialize emerging energy technologies. National Laboratories will work with commercial firms on projects supported by the Technology Commercialization Fund, DOE said Tuesday.

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DOE to Develop Software Apps for New Materials

The Department of Energy intends to invest $32 million to help research projects through the rapid development of new materials for the next four years. DOE said Wednesday that it will use high-performance computing facilities to create open-source software applications to support the design of functional materials for electronics, data storage, renewable energy and quantum information science. 

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