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Army Researchers Study Ultraviolet Communications for Network Security

Army Research Lab

The U.S. Army is looking into the characteristics of ultraviolet communication systems with regard to how the technology can boost network security. Army Research Laboratory said that ultraviolet communication technology increases the stealth of transmissions against threats.

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U.S. Army Research may Help Autonomous Systems Understand Events

U.S. Army

Army Research Laboratory, part of the service's Combat Capabilities Development Command, has created a platform that helps autonomous systems analyze and rationalize real-world scenarios. The platform, named Rich Event Ontology, uses data-driven semantic schemas to serve as a resource for computational recognition, the Army said Thursday.

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Army Uses MetaFerrite to Make Wideband Antenna


The U.S. Army has used the metaferrite material to produce an ultra-thin wideband antenna applicable for use with helicopters, unmanned aircraft systems and other vehicles. The Metaferrite-made, low-profile antenna is made to accommodate curved surfaces and may replace existing-higher profile antennas, the Army said Friday.

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