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Army Develops Model to Enable Question-Based Robotic Learning; Felix Gervits Quoted

Robotic Learning

The U.S. Army has created a computational model that enables robotic systems to learn from soldiers via conversational interaction. The service branch said Thursday it pursues this research in partnership with Tufts University under the Department of Defense's Laboratory University Collaboration Initiative (LUCI). The team will move the project forward by making the model understand more types of questions.

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Army’s Compressive Offloading Method Could Speed Up Battlefield Decision-Making; Maggie Wigness Quoted

Internet of Battlefield

U.S. Army researchers have developed a new method that could help facilitate artificial intelligence processing and enable commanders to accelerate decision-making in combat by compressing and offloading critical information from battlefield devices to remote processing machines even in constricted communication environments.

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DOD Picks Army Supercomputing Research as One of FY 2022 Frontier Projects; Luis Bravo Quoted

Army Supercomputing

The Department of Defense (DOD) has selected a U.S. Army supercomputing project that seeks to study and demonstrate large-scale simulations of gas turbine engines as part of the High-Performance Computing Modernization Program. The proposal from Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (DEVCOM ARL) and the Naval Air Warfare Center is one of the four Frontier Projects that DOD picked in the Foundational Research and Engineering Category for fiscal year 2022.

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Army Research Lab Launches Virtual Testing Ground for Emerging Capabilities; Stephen Russell Quoted

Electronic Warfare

The U.S. Army Research Laboratory (ARL) has launched a virtual testing ground that supports simultaneous experimentation of emerging technologies across different sites in the U.S. The facility provides an architecture where personnel can connect to highly distributed testbeds, shortening the duration a research innovation leaves the laboratory for an experiment field from weeks to hours, the Army said Thursday.

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Army Seeks to Advance Human-AI Synergy With Theoretical Construct; Jason Metcalfe Quoted

Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Army researchers have come up with a model that seeks to advance team-like partnerships between humans and artificial intelligence. Metcalfe said the task complexity factor enables the construct to provide a more accurate representation of AI and human capabilities that should be taken into consideration by engineers and scientists. 

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Army AI Research Seeks to Mitigate Uncertainty in Combat Decision-Making; Maggie Wigness Quoted

Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Army researchers have developed a new method that allows neural networks to be more confident in judging potential threats in battlefield environments as part of their artificial intelligence study. The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Army Combat Capabilities (ACC) Development Command worked with university researchers from the Internet of Battlefield Things Collaborative Research Alliance to classify sources of uncertainty. 

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Army, IBM, University Researchers Pen Book on Network Performance Management Techniques

Network Tomography

Researchers from the U.S. Army, IBM, University of Massachusetts-Amherst and Imperial College London have written a book about network performance tomography. The book "Network Tomography: Identifiability, Measurement Design and Network State Inference," published by Cambridge University Press, describes several techniques for indirectly reconstructing a communications network's internal state by examining external information from edge nodes, the Army Research Laboratory said Wednesday.

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Army, 2 Universities Team Up to Explore New Materials, Manufacturing Processes; Bryan Cheeseman Quoted

Bryan Cheeseman

The Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (DEVCOM ARL) has signed a five-year partnership agreement with two universities to conduct research into new materials and manufacturing processes. DEVCOM ARL, University of Kentucky and University of Tennessee at Knoxville will collaborate on a project aimed at advancing systems for producing advanced materials that could support military equipment modernization priorities, the service said Monday.

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Mathematician Bruce West Retires From Army Research Lab; Director Patrick Baker Quoted

Bruce West

Bruce West, a senior research scientist for mathematics at the Army Research Laboratory (ARL), retired on June 29th after over two decades with the federal government. West has developed mathematical models for physical, social and life sciences over a span of 50 years. The Army Research Office (ARO) held a ceremony at Research Triangle Park to honor West's service.

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Army Develops New Autonomy Software Through Collaborative Program; Brett Piekarski Quoted


The U.S. Army has developed a set of software designed to help autonomous, robotic systems navigate and move through complex environments. The Scalable, Adaptive and Resilient Autonomy (SARA) program aims to develop algorithms, tools and methods that support autonomous navigation, the Army said Tuesday.

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