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Army-Funded Academic Research Trials Machine Learning Approach to Correct Quantum Info Errors; Sara Gamble Quoted

AI Algorithms

A U.S. Army-supported research team from Louisiana State University has demonstrated the use of machine learning to correct errors found in quantum information systems. The research team tested how a neural network's self-learning and self-evolving functions can correct information used in quantum sensing and communications. This approach is designed to correct the distorted quantum information in photon-composed systems. 

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Army, Air Force Fund Quantum Computing Research; Sara Gamble Quoted

Quantum Computing

Researchers at University of Massachusetts Amherst have discovered a new type of quantum error correction that could help advance the development of a fault-tolerant quantum computer, which could provide the military with data processing capabilities needed to fight in multidomain operations. “Efficiency is increasingly important as quantum computation systems grow in size to the scales we’ll need for Army relevant applications,” Sara Gamble explained. 

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Army Taps Seven Teams for Multidisciplinary Science Research

Army Research Laboratory

The U.S. Army has selected seven teams from academia to perform basic science research in areas including quantum physics, artificial intelligence, human agent-teaming and novel materials. Each team will receive $1.25 million per year over a three-year base period to conduct research under the Multidisciplinary University Research Initiative or MURI. 

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Army Senior Scientist Stephen Lee: Interdisciplinary Collaboration Leads to Innovation

Stephen Lee

Stephen Lee, senior scientist for interdisciplinary sciences at the U.S. Army Research Office, said innovation mostly stems from the combination of multiple scientific disciplines. The scientist noted that interdisciplinary collaboration opens opportunities to engage in new research areas that may support soldier performance, the Army said Thursday. Fido is designed to detect explosive vapors.

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Army-Supported Research Tackles Brain Signal Separation for Potential Military Applications

Warfighter Behavior

U.S. Army-funded research has demonstrated the isolation of brain signals that help to determine a warfighter's motion and behavior. In support of this goal, U.S. Army Research Office funded a project that used algorithms to separate behavior-relevant brain signals from those that are not. The Army seeks technology that transmits information to a soldier's brain so that he may take preemptive action before an incident occurs.

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Army Research Office, Academe Form 5G Energy Conservation R&D Partnership


The Department of Defense (DoD) is working with two academic entities to improve energy efficiency in 5G network operations, Federal News Network reported Friday. The University of Texas at Austin and the University of Lille in France have partnered with the U.S. Army Research Office to develop a honeycomb-like framework to allow 5G devices to switch networks with less energy.

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Army Taps Academia to Address Hacker Risks in Facial Recognition Tech

The U.S. Army and Duke University have partnered to address cyber risks that threaten the use of object and facial recognition in artificial intelligence training. Researchers at the university have developed a software that detects backdoor hacking attempts orchestrated against recognition systems, the Army said Tuesday.

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