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Military Intel Leaders Cite Initiatives to Fight Online Disinformation; Lt. Gen. Matthew Glavy Quoted

Online Disinformation

Military intelligence officials discussed some of the efforts service branches are initiating to counter adversaries’ online disinformation campaigns and malign influence messages. Alex Miller, Army G-2 senior adviser for science and technology and innovation, said military personnel are adopting the OODA loop approach to decision-making - which means observe, orient, decide and act – to help counter falsities online.

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Army’s Compressive Offloading Method Could Speed Up Battlefield Decision-Making; Maggie Wigness Quoted

Internet of Battlefield

U.S. Army researchers have developed a new method that could help facilitate artificial intelligence processing and enable commanders to accelerate decision-making in combat by compressing and offloading critical information from battlefield devices to remote processing machines even in constricted communication environments.

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Lt. Col. Kristin Saling: Army Employs AI, Automation in Talent Management Efforts

Lt. Col. Kristin Saling

Lt. Col. Kristin Saling, chief analytics officer and acting director of the Army People Analytics, said the service uses artificial intelligence in a number of ways and one is using natural language processing and optical character recognition to process large volumes of paper documents to collect data and further develop algorithms.

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DOD Picks Army Supercomputing Research as One of FY 2022 Frontier Projects; Luis Bravo Quoted

Army Supercomputing

The Department of Defense (DOD) has selected a U.S. Army supercomputing project that seeks to study and demonstrate large-scale simulations of gas turbine engines as part of the High-Performance Computing Modernization Program. The proposal from Army Combat Capabilities Development Command Army Research Laboratory (DEVCOM ARL) and the Naval Air Warfare Center is one of the four Frontier Projects that DOD picked in the Foundational Research and Engineering Category for fiscal year 2022.

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Army Inches Closer to Deploying Laser Prototypes for Strykers in FY 2022; Col. Scott McLeod Quoted

Stryker Combat Vehicle

The U.S. Army is close to deploying a platoon of four Stryker combat vehicles equipped with 50 kilowatt-class laser weapon prototypes in fiscal year 2022 after completing an assessment of the new directed-energy capability. Marcia Holmes, the service’s deputy director of hypersonics, directed energy, space and rapid acquisition. 

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Army Eyes Intelligence Community Campus at Fort Belvoir North Area

Internet of Battlefield

The U.S. Army is considering constructing multiple buildings on the northern part of Fort Belvoir in Virginia, including a potential Intelligence Community campus near the headquarters of the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency. The service has come up with a draft master plan for the Fort Belvoir North Area, formerly the Army Engineer Proving Ground. 

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Army Seeks to Advance Human-AI Synergy With Theoretical Construct; Jason Metcalfe Quoted

Machine Learning

U.S. Army researchers have come up with a model that seeks to advance team-like partnerships between humans and artificial intelligence. Metcalfe said the task complexity factor enables the construct to provide a more accurate representation of AI and human capabilities that should be taken into consideration by engineers and scientists. 

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Army AI Research Seeks to Mitigate Uncertainty in Combat Decision-Making; Maggie Wigness Quoted

Artificial Intelligence

U.S. Army researchers have developed a new method that allows neural networks to be more confident in judging potential threats in battlefield environments as part of their artificial intelligence study. The Army Research Laboratory (ARL) and Army Combat Capabilities (ACC) Development Command worked with university researchers from the Internet of Battlefield Things Collaborative Research Alliance to classify sources of uncertainty. 

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Army Stands up Center of Excellence to Support Small Business Program; Matthew Willis Quoted

Army SBIR Contracting CoE

The U.S. Army has launched a center of excellence dedicated to helping small businesses pursue opportunities with the service branch. The Army said Wednesday that its SBIR Contracting CoE will issue and manage awards for the service's Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) program and streamline the associated contracting processes.

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Lumen Technologies Secures Potential $54M Task Order To Provide High-Speed Connectivity To U.S. Army Recruiting Command; Zain Ahmed Quoted

Lumen Technologies

Lumen Technologies announced that the company secured a 12-year task order potentially worth $52 million awarded under the General Services Administration's 15-year, $50 billion Enterprise Infrastructure Solutions (EIS) program. The task order requires Lumen to provide secure high-speed connectivity to the U.S. Army Recruiting Command.

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