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USACE Completes Nuclear Decommissioning of STURGIS Ship

The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers has completely decommissioned the nuclear reactor aboard the MH-1A Sturgis ship. USACE's Baltimore-based Radiological Center of Expertise conducted the decommissioning together with Galveston District personnel over the last three years in an effort to remove and dispose of the reactor, USACE said Friday.

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Army Research Program Initiates Development of Moving Target Defense Tech for Information Systems

The U.S. Army has initiated an international research program for moving target defense technology, able to protect information in computer systems from potential threats.

The Army Research Laboratory said Sept. 6 researchers from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand spearheaded the development of the Flexible Random Virtual IP Multiplexing system.

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Army Tests New EW Vehicle for Brigade Combat Applications

The U.S. Army's Third Armored Brigade Combat Team has tested a new vehicle designed to detect and jam enemy communications occurring within the electromagnetic spectrum. The team, also known as "Greywolf", fielded the Electronic Warfare Tactical Vehicle over a two-week training period in Yuma, Ariz., the Army said Monday.

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Army Tests New Anti-Drone Stinger Missile; Nears Approval

The U.S. Army tested a new anti-drone, higher-lethality upgrade of the Stinger missile in August, and is now closer to achieving approval for the warhead's deployed use, Defense News reported Friday. The service branch's Cruise Missile Defense Systems Project Office tested the new Stinger units with man-portable air-defense and Avenger launcher systems at Eglin Air Force Base for three weeks.

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Gen. James McConville: Modernization Will Help Boost Logistics in Military

Gen. James McConville, vice chief of staff of the U.S. Army, said the service will look into how the civilian sector applies innovation and modernization to implement the same in the military. McConville noted in an interview with Army Sustainment Magazine that adopting modern technologies such as autonomous vehicles, additive manufacturing and artificial intelligence will help boost logistics and accelerate production and maintenance processes, the service said Friday.

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NASA to Conduct Final Orion Parachute Test in October

NASA is set to conduct the last in a series of tests to qualify the use of the Orion spacecraft’s parachute system for missions to the moon and other outer space locations. The eighth and final test of Orion's parachute system will take place on Sept. 12 at Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., the space agency said Friday.

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Ryan McCarthy: Army Futures Command to Help Military Keep Up With Technological Advancements

U.S. Army Undersecretary Ryan McCarthy has said in an interview that the Army Futures Command comes at a time when the military needs to keep pace with advancements in technology and formalize its business relationships. He explained that the Futures Command was established to initiate formal collaborations to speed up the delivery of information and results, the service said Friday.

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