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Maj. Gen. John Shaw on Planetary Defense, NASA’s Manned Demo-2 Mission

Maj. Gen. John Shaw

Maj. Gen. John Shaw, head of Space Operations Command within the U.S. Space Force, discussed at a webinar Monday about planetary defense and how the Pentagon’s partnership with NASA might help mitigate the threat of an asteroid found to be on a collision course with Earth, DoD News reported Tuesday.

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NASA Chooses Sample Collection Site for Asteroid Mission

A NASA-led team has identified a sample collection site on Asteroid Bennu for a certain investigative mission, following a year of assessments. The Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer or OSIRIS-Rex team selected the "Nightingale" site due to the abundance of fine-grained material and low amount of hazards, NASA said Friday.

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NASA Goddard Flight Center Team Updates Mission Trajectory Software Tool

A tool developed by researchers from NASA‘s Goddard Space Flight Center is now available as an open-source program to help private industry and other agency centers plot a mission’s path to interplanetary destinations. NASA said Wednesday the Evolutionary Mission Trajectory Generator software tool was updated to support the space agency’s Asteroid Redirect Mission that will …

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NASA to Commence Bennu Asteroid Study Mission With Lockheed Spacecraft; Kevin Walsh Comments

NASA will launch a space mission that will travel to the asteroid called Bennu on September 8 to study and return samples from the rock formation. The space agency said Wednesday its Goddard Space Flight Center leads the OSIRIS-REx mission that will use Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification and Security-Regolith Explorer instruments to …

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NASA Unveils New Office to Detect, Track Near-Earth Objects; Lindley Johnson Comments

NASA has launched a new office within the science mission directorate’s planetary science division that will work to detect and monitor asteroids and other near-Earth objects. The planetary defense coordination office will also coordinate programs and craft plans with the Defense Department, Federal Emergency Management Agency and other federal and international …

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Report: US Gov’t Eyes Nuclear Arm Retention to Handle Asteroids

Government agencies such as the National Nuclear Security Administration and NASA are taking measures to protect the Earth from potential collision with asteroids and other large space objects, the Wall Street Journal reported Tuesday. John Emshwiller writes that NNSA has asked to retain some nuclear-warhead components for their potential use as asteroid interceptors, while NASA …

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