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Air Force Partners With FAA to Promote Aviation Nationwide

The U.S. Air Force and the Federal Aviation Administration launched a new initiative to increase partnerships with industry to address the national aircrew shortage. The collaboration intends to promote aviation across the country and increase the number of pilots joining the military, the Air Force said Friday.

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GAO Recommends Risk Assessment for FAA’s NextGen Global Interoperability Efforts

The Government Accountability Office has reviewed the Federal Aviation Administration‘s strategy to establish interoperability between the Next Generation Air Transportation System and international air traffic management modernization efforts. GAO said in a July report to Congress that FAA should perform a thorough risk assessment to understand and mitigate potential challenges in the …

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FAA Advisory Panel Eyes Standards for Airline Cybersecurity

An advisory committee for the Federal Aviation Administration consisting of U.S. aviation regulators and industry representatives is working on measures to protect airlines from hackers, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday. Andy Pasztor writes that the panel is scheduled to meet this month amid industry concerns on potential vulnerabilities to cyber …

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Mike Whitaker: FAA, Industry Form Working Group on ADS-B Avionics Integration

The Federal Aviation Administration and the aviation industry have created a working group to address potential barriers aircraft operators could face when they install automatic dependent surveillance-broadcast technology. The FAA said Tuesday the Equip 2020 organization aims to help industry comply with a federal policy that requires all planes operating in controlled airspace …

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Mike Whitaker: FAA, Aviation Industry to Discuss ‘Next-Gen’ Avionics Mandate

Mike Whitaker, deputy administrator of the Federal Aviation Administration, has urged the aviation industry to equip aircraft with the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast Out system by 2020 to foster “next-generation” avionics. The FAA said Sept. 18 that it will confer with industry leaders on Oct. 28 to address concerns over the mandate as the ageency to …

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