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Report: Former CIA Chief James Woolsey to Serve as Donald Trump’s Senior National Security Adviser

James Woolsey, former CIA director during President Bill Clinton’s administration, has joined Donald Trump’s presidential campaign to serve as senior adviser on national security, intelligence and defense, Politico reported Monday. Brianna Ehley writes Woolsey cited Trump’s proposal to lift defense budget caps as the reason behind his decision to join …

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Report: Janet Yellen Front-Runner to Lead Federal Reserve

Ben Bernake, current chairman of the Federal Reserve is supposed to step down from his post in January and the White House is considering different candidates to fill the important financial leadership role. The Administration had reportedly been keen to appoint former economic adviser Larry Summers before he withdrew his …

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Outline Vision of Downsized Government Before Cuts, Report Says

President Obama and Congress need to communicate a clear vision of what a downsized federal government should look like, according to a report from the Partnership for Public Service. In its 40-page report released Tuesday, the Partnership said the president should appoint a high-level official to lead the cost-savings effort, …

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Like Technology, Government Shutdowns Evolve

The last time a government shutdown happened was in 1995. It was a different era technologically back then. Laptops were clunky, barely-mobile devices. No Wi-Fi. No smartphones. No WikiLeaks. If you need any indication of how rapidly the world of technology has changed, look no further than the nation’s chief …

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