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Reports: Sen. Bob Corker Clears Way for Fiscal 2016 Budget Vote

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) has decided to sign a House-Senate joint fiscal 2016 spending resolution after blocking the proposed budget for two days, Politico reported Wednesday. Rachael Blade writes Corker had refused to endorse the blueprint as a negotiator because of what he called an accounting “gimmick” to boost discretionary …

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Sen. Bob Corker: GOP-Controlled Congress in 2015 Could Halt Sequestration

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) believes that a “grand bargain” on sequestration is possible if Republicans win majority control of the Senate and House in this year’s midterm elections, Defense News reported Thursday. John Bennett writes that Corker forecasts that a Republican-controlled Congress in 2015 would open a window of opportunity …

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White House, Lawmakers Discuss Possible Sequester Relief

Senate Republicans and White House officials are discussing potential legislation aimed at voiding sequestration or lessening the impact of the across-the-board spending cuts, Defense News reported Sunday. John Bennett writes the government would have to come up with $450 billion in deficit-reduction measures to offset the $500 billion sequestration cut to defense …

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Lawmakers Launch Appeal for Decision on Afghan Follow-On Force

Senators have asked the White House to arrive at a definite number of U.S. forces that will remain in Afghanistan after the Pentagon’s planned 2014 drawdown, The Washington Post reported Thursday. Karen DeYoung writes that lawmakers have expressed worry the uncertainty could hurt already cloudy bilateral relations between the Obama …

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Sen. Corker Confident in Lawmakers Reaching Fiscal Cliff Compromise

Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.) expressed optimism in an interview with Fox News Sunday that lawmakers can reach a deficit reduction agreement and avoid the fiscal cliff. According to The Hill newspaper’s account of the interview, Corker said such a deal would prevent the higher tax rates and spending cuts under …

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