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NASA Clears Boeing Starliner Spacecraft for 2nd Uncrewed Flight Test

CST-100 Starliner

Boeing's CST-100 Starliner spacecraft has passed the launch readiness review phase, clearing the way for the company to launch its second uncrewed test flight as part of NASA's Commercial Crew Program. Starliner is scheduled to liftoff on Friday at 2:53 p.m. Eastern time at Cape Canaveral Space Force Station in Florida aboard United Launch Alliance's Atlas V rocket, the agency said Tuesday.

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Air Force Plans Close-Air Support Transition With A-10 Retirement; John Roth Quoted

John Roth

The Department of the Air Force plans to begin retiring older A-10 Warthog aircraft units and transfer close air support and rescue missions from Nellis AF Base in Nevada to Davis-Monthan AFB in Arizona starting next fiscal year. “This realignment will consolidate all A-10 and HH-60 test, training, and weapon school activity at one location, allowing Airmen in these mission areas to train together for future threats," John Roth, acting secretary of the Air Force.

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U.S. Navy And Boeing Successfully Conduct First-Ever Unmanned Aerial Refueling


The U.S. Navy has announced it has successfully conducted its first-ever aerial refueling between a manned aircraft and an unmanned tanker on June 4th. The Navy and Boeing will analyze the test data and make any necessary software updates as the MQ-25 testing schedule continues in the months to come. 

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AFRL Demonstrates Networked Weapon Operations With Small Diameter Bomb

F-16 with CSDB

The Air Force Research Laboratory (AFRL) has met all three goals of a flight test that aimed to demonstrate networked, collaborative and autonomous weapons. Two F-16 aircraft deployed Collaborative Small Diameter Bombs (CSDB) on Tuesday at White Sands Missile Range, under the service branch's Golden Horde program, AFRL said Wednesday. 

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Federal Agencies Launch Efforts to Address National Security, Public Safety Risks of Drones

Unmanned Aircraft

Federal agencies are initiating measures to address the potential risk posed by unmanned aircraft systems to national security and public safety amid an increasing number of drones flying near airports and other critical infrastructure. “Remote identification will help law enforcement determine if a drone poses an actual threat that needs to be mitigated,” a spokeswoman for FAA said in a statement.

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Air Force Lists Potential New KC-46A Tanker Aircraft Bases


The U.S. Air Force has identified six candidate military bases for the Boeing-built KC-46A Pegasus tanker platform to be operated by the branch's reserve component and two potential locations to house active-duty aircraft units. USAF said Thursday it will conduct site surveys in the summer to evaluate each facility based on a set of criteria such as operational requirements, manpower and infrastructure.

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NASA Transfers SLS Rocket’s Core Stage to Kennedy Space Center for Integration, Final Launch Preparation

SLS Core Stage

The Space Launch System (SLS) rocket's first core stage is expected to arrive at NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida where its integration with the rest of the vehicle and the Orion spacecraft will be conducted before the launch of the Artemis I lunar mission. Four Aerojet Rocketdyne-built RS-25 engines are fitted to the SLS core stage to help propel the rocket. 

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Air Force to Buy Boeing F-15EX Fighter Jets in Aircraft Fleet Modernization Push; Lt. Gen. Duke Richardson Quoted

F-15EX Eagle II

The U.S. Air Force has unveiled a new Boeing-built fighter jet to help the service branch meet its capacity goals while providing operational and developmental testing opportunities for USAF aircraft. The first formal training unit for F-15EX will operate under the 173rd Fighter Wing at the Kingsley Field Air National Guard Base in Oregon by 2024. 

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NASA Picks 16 Teams to Develop Deep Space Exploration Mission Proposals

Deep Space Exploration

NASA has chosen 16 academic teams to further their deep-space exploration proposals as part of the agency’s Revolutionary Aerospace Systems Concepts – Academic Linkage (RASC-AL) program. Representatives from Lockheed Martin, SpaceX, Northrop Grumman, Aerojet Rocketdyne, Blue Origin and Boeing were among the industry experts that helped select the many participating teams.

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Gen. Charles Brown: USAF Eyes 6th-Gen Fighter Jets, Unmanned Platforms for Future Fleet

Gen. Charles Brown

Gen. Charles “CQ” Brown Jr., chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, said the service branch might need sixth-generation fighter jets as part of its future fleet. Brown recently told reporters that the Air Force may require a Next-Generation Air Dominance platform along with fourth- and fifth-generation aircraft like the F-35.

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