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NIH-Funded Study to Monitor US Olympic Committee Members for Potential Zika Exposure

The National Institutes of Health will fund a study that will monitor potential Zika virus exposure of U.S. Olympic Committee athletes, coaches and personnel who will participate at the 2016 Summer Olympics and Paralympics in Brazil. NIH said Tuesday the Eunice Kennedy Shriver National Institute of Child Health and Human Development will provide funds for research on how and where …

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Space News: Poland, China Ink Space & Telecom Cooperation Agreement

Space agencies from Poland and China have signed an agreement to cooperate on joint research, monitor and develop new telecommunications systems to spur space cooperation between the two nations, Space News reported Monday. Brian Berger writes the Polish Space Agency and the Chinese National Space Administration’s partnership aims to help facilitate development of smaller businesses …

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Report: Brazil Eyes Commercial Satellite Launch Partnership with US

Brazil is considering partnering with the U.S. or Russia to send commercial satellites into orbit from Brazil’s Alcantara spaceport, Reuters reported Monday. Anthony Broadle and Brian Winter write the Brazilian government could select a partner country in the coming months based on factors such as diplomatic relations and space technology …

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Saab, Swedish Govt Cooperate on $4.5B Gripen Sale to Brazil

Saab and the Swedish government are developing a joint strategy to boost industrial cooperation in Saab’s $4.5 billion Gripen fighter aircraft sales contract with Brazil, Defense News reported Tuesday. Gerard O’Dwyer writes that Saab will manufacture 36 Gripen combat jets for the Brazilian military at the firm’s new production facility …

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US, Brazil Team Up for Open Government Initiative

According to the White House blog, the U.S. and Brazil have teamed up to create the Open Government Partnership, a global initiative that supports efforts to promote transparent, effective and accountable institutions. International governments and civil society groups make up the initiative’s committee. OGP was created in an effort to …

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