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DoD Saves $4.3B in FY18, Sets $6B Goal for FY19

Lisa Hershman, acting chief management officer for DoD, said 114 projects contributed to the FY18 savings while a reduction in redundant defense systems saved the budget for early FY19. The report said DoD already freed up inventory space five times the size of the agency's central courtyard.

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Michael Moran: Navy Program Managers Must Lead Efforts to Streamline Acquisition

Vice Adm. Michael Moran, principal military deputy to the U.S. Navy acquisition executive, said Thursday at an engineering conference that “things can be done” when it comes to streamlining acquisition, USNI News reported Monday. Moran said the use of new and innovative processes like additive manufacturing helped the Navy field an updated next-generation jammer for the EA-18G Growler in four months instead of the initial nine-year schedule.

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House Lawmakers to Call on President Trump to Grant DoD $733B FY20 Budget

House lawmakers plan to call on President Trump to grant a $733B budget for the Department of Defense in fiscal year 2020 to restore the U.S. military’s readiness. Cutting DoD’s budget lower than the proposed figure “will have disastrous consequences for our military readiness, as was proven by sequestration,” Rep. Mike Turner, Ohio-10, said in a letter signed by 70 lawmakers.

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Dunford Emphasizes Need for ‘Sustained Predictable, Adequate’ Funding in Sustaining Military Edge

The chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff recently underscored the importance of having sufficient defense funding when it comes to maintaining the competitive advantage of the U.S. over possible competitors. Speaking at the Halifax International Security Forum over the weekend, U.S. Marine Corps Gen. Joe Dunford expressed confidence in the military’s ability to defend the country against potential adversaries, the Defense Department reported Saturday.

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DoD Seeks to Inform President Trump of Trade-Offs With Smaller Defense Budget

Recently, Deputy Secretary of Defense Patrick Shanahan told the press that the Defense Department is preparing a $700B budget proposal in addition to a $733B draft that has already been prepared, in line with President Trump’s earlier call for spending cuts, the Washington Examiner reported Thursday.

In October, President Trump instructed his cabinet secretaries to reduce their upcoming budget proposals by 5 percent, indicating that “[we] know what the new budget is for the Defense Department; it will probably be $700 billion.”

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