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NASA’s Cloud Computing Technology Chosen as Key Element in New Open Source Initiative

The core technology developed for NASA’s Nebula cloud computing platform has been selected as a contributor for OpenStack, a newly launched open source cloud-computing initiative, which will bring together more than 25 companies to collaborate on pushing cloud computing standards for interoperability and portability. NASA launched the Nebula cloud computing …

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NASA, Microsoft Bring Mars to Life in a Virtual Experience

NASA and Microsoft Research are bringing Mars to life with new features in the WorldWide Telescope software that gives viewers a high-resolution 3-D map of the Red Planet. Microsoft’s online virtual telescope explores the universe using images NASA spacecraft return from other worlds. Teams at NASA’s Ames Research Center in …

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NASA Names Chris C. Kemp as CTO for IT

NASA has announced its first-ever chief technology officer for IT: Chris C. Kemp, who previously served as chief information officer at the agency’s Ames Research Center in California. “We are lucky to already have Chris at NASA, and this move will leverage his creative talents and energies,” NASA’s Chief Information …

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