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FCC Commissioner Brendan Carr Unveils 5G Agenda

Brendan Carr

Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Brendan Carr has proposed a spectrum roadmap and new infrastructure reforms meant to extend U.S. leadership in 5G. He also outlined his plans for 2022, including holding an auction for the 50 MHz of spectrum between 1300-1350 MHz and another auction of millimeter wave spectrum with the 42 GHz band as one of the prime candidates. 

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White House to Ask FCC to Auction Additional Mid-Band Spectrum for 5G; Michael Kratsios Quoted


The White House has announced plans to free up 100 megahertz of the mid-band spectrum for commercial 5G networks and direct the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to auction by Dec. 2021 that swath of radio frequencies used by the military.

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FCC Schedules Spectrum Sharing Plan Vote; Tom Power Comments

The Federal Communications Commission will vote on a policy reform plan for federal agencies to share spectrum with commercial organizations for wireless broadband usage, FCW reported Monday. Adam Mazmanian writes the FCC will consider the plan on April 23 to create the Citizens Broadband Radio Service, which will reside on 150 megahertz of spectrum …

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