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Wayne Monteith: Gov’t Shutdown Delayed FAA’s Release of Proposed Commercial Launch Regulations

Wayne Monteith, the Federal Aviation Administration’s new associate administrator for commercial space transportation, said during the Commercial Space Transportation Conference that the government shutdown impacted the release of proposed legislation, Space News reported Wednesday. Monteith noted that the five-week shutdown delayed the release of proposed rules on licensing commercial launch and re-entry activities, including launches from multiple locations.

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Sen. Ted Cruz Pushing Commercial Space Bill in Congress

Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, will reintroduce the Space Frontier Act that failed to pass the House in 2018 in an effort for Congress to approve commercial space regulatory reform and extend NASA’s control of the International Space Station, SpaceNews reported Wednesday. In July, Cruz introduced the bill and received Senate approval in December.

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FAA Exploring Reform Options, Increasing US Space Launches

The Federal Aviation Administration aims to discuss and release new regulations and spaceport categories by end of 2018 or early next year, to speed up approval for space launches and allow more facilities to accommodate space operations in the U.S., Politico reported Friday.

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Maxar’s Mike Gold Named Chairman of New NASA Advisory Council Panel

Mike Gold, vice president of regulatory issues at Maxar Technologies, has been named chairman of a new committee within the NASA Advisory Council that will address policy and regulatory issues facing commercial space activities, SpaceNews reported Thursday. NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine appointed Gold as chairman and announced the creation of the new panel during the advisory council’s meeting Wednesday at Ames Research Center in California.

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Jim Bridenstine Discusses NASA-Related Policies on Commercial Space

NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine discussed during the recent Space Transportation Association luncheon the space policy directives involving the agency and the Trump administration’s commercial space projects, Space News reported Thursday. Bridenstine noted that Space Policy Directive 1 is the most relevant directive to NASA as it directs the organization to …

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Douglas Loverro: DoD Should Integrate Commercial Space Tech Into Military Architecture

Douglas Loverro, deputy assistant secretary for space policy at the Defense Department, has said he believes commercial space platforms should be integrated into the overall technology architecture for warfighters, DoD News reported Wednesday. Terri Moon Cronk writes Loverro made the remarks during a panel discussion hosted by the Center for Strategic and International Studies …

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