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U.S. Soldiers to Test Portable Satcom Kit at CBRN Threat Mgmt Drill

U.S. Army personnel will use portable satellite communications equipment to exchange forensic information about various threats during the Network Intergration Evaluation exercise in October, according to an article published Aug. 19 on the Army website. Specially trained soldiers are set to demonstrate the Global Rapid Response Information Package at the …

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Army Eyes Consolidated Cyber Defense Network for Communications

The U.S. Army is looking at ideas for a “solid” network infrastructure to facilitate secure communications and interaction across the service in support of mission command, the Army reported Thursday. Lora Strum writes that Army leaders discussed the need for a consolidated network that protects against cyber threats and boosts productivity during …

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Daniel Hughes: US Army Unifies En-Route Connectivity for Soldiers

The U.S. Army has begun to unify communications for soldiers from home station through the battlefield in a move to aid in real-time information flow between troops and commanders, C4ISR & Networks reported Thursday. Amber Corrin writes 75 units will initially receive components of the command post computing environment, mounted …

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