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CRS Issues Report on 5G Tech’s National Security Implications

DOD 5G Network

The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a report outlining some of the national security implications of 5G-enabled mobile technologies. CRS said in the April 23rd report that Congress may consider policies for national security, spectrum management, and military operations as 5G platforms are developed and fielded. 

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Congressional Research Service Issues Report on US Emerging Technology Dev’t, Compliance Efforts


The Congressional Research Service (CRS) has released a report stating current initiatives under the Department of Defense (DoD) and Congress to drive the development of emerging technologies and keep up with adversary nations.

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Russia Fields Hypersonic Weapon ‘Avangard’

Russia’s defense ministry said the country has fielded its first hypersonic nuclear-capable missiles, Reuters reported Saturday. Sergei Shoigu, Russia’s defense minister, informed President Vladimir Putin of the deployment of the Avangard system, which has a hypersonic glide vehicle sitting on top of an intercontinental ballistic missile.

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Navy Planning to Acquire First Large Surface Combatant Ship in FY 2025

The U.S. Navy delayed its acquisition of an initial Large Surface Combatant ship from fiscal year 2023 to FY 2025, USNI News reported Friday. Ron O’Rourke, naval affairs specialist for the Congressional Research Service, said he believes the lead LSC vessel did not appear in the FY 2020 budget request because it is scheduled for FY25. However, the Navy is looking to accelerate the acquisition process which may lead to the LSC effort being covered by an earlier budget proposal.

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Former Hill Staffers on Factors Needed to Reinstate Tech Advisory Office in Congress

A few lawmakers have launched an effort to revive the congressional office of technology assessment and some congressional staffers believe that such an institution, if reinstated, should operate in a nonpartisan manner and with adequate funding to be effective, Nextgov reported Wednesday. The OTA, which had a budget of $25M and approximately 140 employees when it ceased operations in 1995, used to educate and advise lawmakers on technology issues ahead of congressional hearings.

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Report: DoD Lacks Data on Effective Use of Other Transaction Authority

There is a lack of reliable data from the Pentagon to prove that the agency’s use of Other Transaction Authority to escalate development and acquisition of new technologies is effective, according to a new congressional analysis. The Congressional Research Service released its assessment report on Friday highlighting a “questionable reliability” of available data from the Department of Defense on how it manages OTA.

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CRS Describes Four Ways to Establish Space Force in New Report

The Congressional Research Service recently published a report describing four possible ways by which either Congress or the president could establish a space force. A space force could be set up through an internal reorganization within an existing military service branch, the creation of a new service branch, the establishment of a new unified combatant command, or the putting up of a new military department.

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