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DoD Proposes Rule on Cost, Records Examination Requirements Exceptions for Small Biz Contracts

The Defense Department has proposed a rule that seeks to exclude contracts, subcontracts and contract modifications worth below $7.5 million that were awarded to small businesses or nonconventional contractors from pricing data, records examination and cost requirements. DoD said in a Federal Register notice published Tuesday the proposed regulation would amend the …

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GAO: GSA Needs Risk Identification Plan for Gov’t Building Remodeling Projects

The Government Accountability Office has recommended that the General Services Administration establish a framework for GSA personnel to identify and assess potential risks that may arise during alteration or repair of federal buildings. GAO said in a report published Thursday it found GSA has limited data on unforseen conditions that can affect a government facility repair or alteration project’s …

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GAO: DOE Faces Challenges in Modernization of Nuclear Security Infrastructure

The Energy Department continues to face cost and schedule management issues in the agency’s projects to modernize the U.S. nuclear security enterprise, according to a Government Accountability Office report. GAO said Tuesday DOE’s National Nuclear Security Administration has made some improvements to how it manages an ongoing life-extension program for B61-12 nuclear gravity bombs but the initiative has …

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Arati Prabhakar: DARPA Rethinks Weapon R&D As Program Costs Rise

Arati Prabhakar, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, said the high cost of building military weapons has forced the agency to explore new technology development methods, Defense News reported Saturday. Marcus Weisgerber writes that Prabhakar said DARPA is also seeking alternative approaches to develop navigation, radar, communications and …

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