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AT&T Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic, providing Relief Support for First Responders, Customers, Schools, Businesses


AT&T has announced its response to coronavirus (COVID-19) as the country navigates the health crisis, the company reported on Friday. AT&T noted its new regulations to support employees, customers and first responders by providing several relief offerings.

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GAO Finds Issues in Energy Department’s Subcontractor Oversight

The Government Accountability Office called on the Department of Energy to improve oversight of its subcontractors after a recent review found that the department had failed to audit over $3.4 billion in subcontracts over the past 10 years. GAO issued a report on Tuesday highlighting the improper auditing process at DOE and the challenges in tracking subcontract ownerships in the department’s multi-billion dollar programs.

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Report: OMB Lacks Transparency When Reporting Agency Fees, Collections

The Government Accountability Office found that the Office of Management and Budget is not providing publicly available, comprehensive data that identifies hundreds of billions of dollars it annually collects in fees, fines and penalties. GAO issued a report on Thursday showing the lack of government-wide data from OMB, which could help Congress identify a certain agency’s performance and the trends in collections. 

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