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Report: Army to Merge Electronic Warfare, Cyber Functions

The U.S. Army will integrate its electronic warfare division into a new internal cyber directorate after the branch disbanded the EW unit, C4ISR & Networks reported Tuesday. Amber Corrin and Mark Pomerleau write the Army’s cyber directorate, which achieved initial operating capability in June, is scheduled to be fully operational next month. Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost will lead the …

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Army Sets Up New Cyber Directorate Within G-3/5/7 Office

A future directorate within the U.S. Army‘s G-3/5/7 office will focus on cybersecurity and electronic warfare under the leadership of Brig. Gen. Patricia Frost, FCW reported Friday. The upcoming directorate is an effort by the Army to utilize the “overlap” of cyber and electronic warfare operations, Sean Lyngaas writes. Frost is a former Army …

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