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Leslie Caldwell: Justice Dept. to Form Team on Cybersecurity, Privacy

The Justice Department‘s criminal division will soon have a dedicated cybersecurity group that will give legal guidance on electronic surveillance cases and collaborate with U.S. lawmakers on cyber legislation, The Hill reported Thursday. Cory Bennett writes that Assistant Attorney General Leslie Caldwell said the cyber unit will work with both industry and government to address cybersecurity and privacy concerns. “Given …

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Senators Consider Altering Cyber Bill

Following the House’s week of cyber bills in late April, a group of senators is working to get enough votes for their cyber legislation to earn a spot on the floor, The Hill reports. Senate Democrats are trying to win over additional support for a cyber bill currently lacking 60 votes. …

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House Passes FISMA Update Bill

The House passed the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act Thursday, creating a voluntary system for private organizations to provide national security agencies with cyber threat information. In addition to CISPA, the House also reached an accord to pass a bill updating the Federal Information Management Security Act of 2002, GovInfo Security …

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