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U.S. Army Reserve Names Robert Powell to Serve as Deputy Commanding General of Cyber; Maj. Gen. Stephen Hager Quoted

U.S. Army

The U.S. Army Reserve has appointed Brig. Gen. Robert Powell to serve as a deputy commanding general of cyber for the 335th Signal Command to supervise cybersecurity initiatives. In the role, Powell will lead the unit’s cyber activities. Powell has extensive experience in the Army Signal Corps and cyber-related units. 

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Gen. William Hartman to Lead Cyber National Mission Force as Commander

Brig. Gen. William Hartman, deputy commanding general at Joint Force Headquarters-Cyber, has been appointed commander at the Cyber National Mission Force. Hartman entered the U.S. Army in 1989 and served as a military intelligence officer, an infantry and and a cyberspace officer at the service branch, the Department of Defense said Thursday.

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Cybercom Unit Posts Identified Malware Samples on VirusTotal

The cyber national mission force has uploaded unclassified malware samples to the VirusTotal website as part of its effort to share identified cyber vulnerabilities with industry, U.S. Cyber Command reported Monday. CNMF also created a Twitter account to alert the cybersecurity community when it posts malicious software, computer viruses and other cyber threats on the website.

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