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DOE Announces Competition for Solar-Powered Water Desalination Tech; Dan Brouillette Quoted


The Department of Energy is hosting a $9M competition on technologies designed to purify high-salinity water via solar-thermal energy. DOE said Tuesday it invites the public to take part in the American-Made Challenges: Solar Desalination Prize, a four-phase contest that seeks the development of solar-driven desalination systems.

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DOE Secretary Dan Brouillette Releases Strategy to Restore U.S. Nuclear Leadership


Dan Brouillette, secretary of energy, has unveiled a strategy to bolster the country's performance in areas related to nuclear energy. The Strategy to Restore American Nuclear Energy Leadership lists efforts to bring back industrial uranium capabilities, further nuclear power technologies, support exports and maintain compliance with national security and non-proliferation, DOE said Thursday.

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DOE Unveils Funding Opportunity for Fusion Energy Research Efforts

The Department of Energy intends to award $30 million in grants to support the development of machine learning and artificial intelligence methods in fusion energy research. DOE said Wednesday that it eyes to provide $17 million in support of research efforts that will cover the management of facility operations, forecast of plasma phenomena and rapid discovery efforts in the area of data science.

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President Trump Appoints DOE Secretary Dan Brouillette to National Space Council

President Trump has appointed Dan Brouillette, secretary at the Department of Energy, to serve as a National Space Council member through an executive order. Brouillette said in a statement published Friday DOE will work other federal agencies and companies to renew the department's commitment to space programs.

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DOE to Allot $64M for Cost-Shared Coal Tech Projects

The Department of Energy is investing $64M in cost-shared projects on the development of new coal power plant technologies. A new funding opportunity announcement, titled Critical Components for Coal Flexible, Innovative, Resilient, Small, Transformative Power Plants of the Future, would support research and development of coal-based approaches that support the U.S. energy grid, DOE said Friday.

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DOE Names Location of New Nuclear Physics Facility; Dan Brouillette Quoted

The Department of Energy has selected a New York-based national laboratory to house a new facility for nuclear physics studies. Brookhaven National Laboratory will serve as the site of the Electron Ion Collider that will explore the "strong force" phenomenon in nuclear physics, DOE said Thursday.

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