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Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope Passes NASA Preliminary Design Review

NASA has reviewed the design of an optical instrument L3Harris Technologies will build for the space agency's Wide Field Infrared Survey Telescope. WFIRST met a set of requirements, such as performance qualification, during the preliminary design review and is prepared to move into the next phase of the program, NASA said Wednesday.

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DOE Supports 66 Projects in High-Energy Physics Under $77M Funding Opportunity

The Department of Energy has awarded 66 spots on a $77 million funding grant to support university research efforts in high-energy physics. The funding opportunity will help scientists from 51 academic institutions carry out theoretical and experimental studies in the areas of particle physics, detector technologies, dark matter and dark energies, DOE said Tuesday.

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DOE Announces Planned Investment in Dark Matter Research

The Department of Energy plans to invest $24 million in projects aiming to study dark matter in theoretical and technological aspects. DOE said Thursday that it will let grant recipients leverage DOE-supported facilities and technologies to pursue projects. Such technologies include particle accelerators and detectors at national laboratories.

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