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DARPA Director: Agency Focuses on Execution, Vision

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has always been at the leading edge of technology. For example, have you heard of a little thing called the Internet? But now, the agency says it’s taking the lead in putting the focus on execution along with vision. In testimony before the House …

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DARPA Crowd-Sourcing Combat Vehicle Design

Crowd-sourcing has been a key initiative of the Obama administration’s open government plans. But, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is taking the open call for development one step further, allowing soldiers, DoD personnel and members of the public to give their two cents and more on the development of …

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Open-sourcing an Aircraft? DARPA’s Big New Idea

Open-source software has been the buzzword in software innovation ever since a Finnish college student named Linus began fiddling with the UNIX operating system. Now, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has announced plans to take open-source methods from the cyber world and use them to develop actual defense vehicles. …

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Not Your Parents’ High-School Science Club

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency announced the launch of a new $10 million initiative aimed at providing high-tech equipment to high schools. The MENTOR program, short for Manufacturing Experimentation and Outreach, will be a partnership between the defense agency and private contractors and will also encourage cyber-electro-mechanical innovation through …

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DARPA Hosts Industry Summit

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is hosting two one-day Industry Summits in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 29 and 30, 2010. Chief executives from industry will gather with DARPA director, deputy director, office directors and program managers for an open dialogue to explore how the agency and the private sector can …

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DARPA Releases New Privacy Principles

The White House Office of Science and Technology Policy last week announced the federal research agency responsible for maintaining the technological superiority of the U.S. military has released a set of Privacy Principle to address the issue of balancing access to information with the need to respect personal privacy. Expanding …

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