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Arati Prabhakar: DARPA Aims to Leverage Space Domain Through Experimental Spaceplane Program, Robotics

Arati Prabhakar, director of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, has said DARPA has launched programs that seek to make the space environment a “real-time operational domain” in support of military missions, intelligence and other national security efforts, DoD News reported Tuesday. Cheryl Pellerin writes Prabhakar said at the 4th annual …

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DARPA Conducts Field Test of Mobile Radiation Sensors

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has deployed more than 1,000 networked mobile detectors at the National Mall in downtown Washington as part of an exercise to track radioactive material threats in urban areas. DARPA said Friday the scavenger hunt was conducted as part of the agency’s SIGMA program that aims to create networked …

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Frank Kendall: Tech Platforms, Operational Concepts Make Up DoD’s Third Offset Strategy

Frank Kendall, defense undersecretary for acquisition, technology and logistics at the Defense Department, has said DoD’s Third Offset Strategy seeks to maintain U.S. military edge through the combination of operational concepts and technology platforms such as artificial intelligence and automation, DoD News reported Thursday. Cheryl Pellerin writes Kendall said that he …

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DARPA-Funded Research Team Seeks to Help Amputees Perceive Levels of Touch Pressure Via Electrical Stimulation

A research team funded by the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency has developed a method that uses electrical stimulation to encode intensity levels of touch pressure in the nervous system. Researchers from the University of Chicago, Case Western Reserve University and Louis R. Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center have implanted nerve …

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Steven Walker: DARPA Develops Programs for Real-Time Space Situational Awareness

Steven Walker, Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency deputy director, has said DARPA is working on additional programs in efforts to provide users real-time space situational awareness, DoD News reported Monday. Walker said at the transition ceremony of the DARPA-built Space Surveillance Telescope that the agency currently develops the OrbitOutlook and Hallmark programs to help …

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