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Profile: Robert Hale, Defense Department Comptroller

Robert Hale serves as comptroller at the Defense Department, where he is responsible for the Pentagon’s budget and financial policy and advises the secretary on budget and fiscal matters. Hale, nominated to the post in January 2009, also oversees financial management systems and business modernization efforts. He also serves as …

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Chuck Hagel: Pentagon to Give Congress Reprogramming Request

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has told a House subcommittee the Pentagon will submit a programming request to Congress, seeking authority to move money across accounts and aiming to mitigate some effects of sequestration. During testimony to the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee, Hagel said the continuing resolution passed in March helped …

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Eric Shinseki: VA Integrated EHR Project to Go Forward

Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki has told Senate lawmakers the agency will go ahead in developing an integrated electronic health record system with the Defense Department. During testimony before the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, Shinseki said the VA will need $344 million in fiscal year 2014 funds for iEHR, including …

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White House Budget Sets Aside $14B for Submarine and F-35 Development and Procurement

Lockheed Martin Corp.‘s fighter jets and General Dynamics‘ Virginia-class submarine have secured $8.4 billion and $5.4 billion, respectively, in President Barack Obama’s 2014 budget plan, the Washington Business Journal reports. The U.S. President earmarked $166.8 billion of the $526.6 billion budget proposal for weapons development and procurement, which extends funding for …

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Martin Dempsey: Sequestration Readiness Effects Could Come in 2014

Army Gen. Martin Dempsey, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said Saturday believe sequestration will affect the military’s drawdown operations in Afghanistan. Dempsey believes the Defense Department will begin to see problems in medium-term readiness by 2014 because it will have to move readiness funding over to wartime operations …

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Report: Pentagon Close to Completing Cyber War Rules

The Defense Department is finalizing rules aimed to give military commanders protocol for determining how to respond to cyber attacks against the U.S., USA Today reports. Citing military officials and cyber analysts, Jim Michael writes the rules will also cover conventional combat and let commanders take some actions without having …

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