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Soon-to-depart Gates is Key to Pentagon Budget Trimming

In a series of articles today, Politico took on the “pruning the Pentagon.” And, while much ink has been spilled on the topic of the exit strategies from Afghanistan and Iraq, Politico focused on that of Defense Secretary Robert M. Gates, himself, and what his departure will mean for the …

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Understaffed DCAA Faces Audit Backlog

The Defense Contract Audit Agency faces an audit backlog and a staff shortage,  according to a report this week in Federal Times. In 2006,  $110 billion had been spent by federal agencies on contracted work that had not yet been audited. By 2010, that number had grown to $405 billion. …

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3 Things You Should Know about the Intelligence Budget

The budget for the nation’s myriad of intelligence activities is bucking the historical trend in three important ways. First, unlike overall defense spending, which is expected to flat-line or decline in the coming years, the intelligence budget, which has doubled in the past 10 years, is growing and will likely …

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Carter Fleshes Out DoD Stance Toward Industry M&A

When the Defense Department’s top acquisition chief Ashton Carter dropped hints at a Wall Street speech last week that the Pentagon would frown on mergers and acquisitions between industry giants (although not necessarily between those of smaller companies) the D.C. area’s stable of government contractors were hungry for more information. …

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Lynn at RSA: Military Might Not Enough to Combat Cyber Attacks

Deputy Defense Secretary William J. Lynn, speaking at a cybersecurity conference Tuesday, said military might is not enough to protect the nation’s cyberspace and that the best minds in the private sector and government will have to work together. “The overwhelming percentage of our nation’s critical [information] infrastructure, including the …

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Defense Officials OK with 2012 Budget

The 2011 budget (or lack thereof) stole the show at a Defense Department news conference Monday about the just-released 2012 budget. Robert Hale, DoD’s comptroller, made dire predictions about the lack of an official budget and said the hard choices the Pentagon would have to make in reduced spending was …

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