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Cyber Defense Could See Major Cuts Under Sequestration; Ray Bjorklund Comments

The White House released a preliminary estimation last Friday of budget reductions agencies would face in January 2013. The Department of Homeland Security will see a $911 million budget scale-back for infrastructure and network protection funds and other federal cybersecurity accounts under sequestration. Experts say that research grants, forensic equipment for cybercrime …

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Deltek Scores Agencies on Cloud, Data Center Plans

A Deltek study says some federal agencies may be more prepared to implement cloud computing and close data centers than others, The Washington Post reports. Deltek analysts used a cloud readiness metric to grade individual agencies’ efforts in adapting to the cloud and consolidating data centers. Agencies provided data describing …

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Deltek Analyst: Justice Dept. Reducing Service Contracts in 2013

The Justice Department will shrink its number of service contracts as it cuts all spending in fiscal year 2013, according to a private industry analyst. Ray Bjorklund, vice president and chief knowledge officer at Deltek, told Federal Outlook conference Tuesday that DOJ’s budget request includes significant cuts to the agency’s administrative …

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